The King & I

 Excerpts from Dawn's Diary recording thier trip to Marburg.

Wednesday 8th July

The journey to Marburg was difficult, with rain, traffic jams and road works but made good time compared to some. We arrived at Marburg airfield around 6.30 to everyone waiting for us. Then we went to the aero club for dinner, schnitzels (pork) and beer. Returned to the field and went to bed after a long day.

                                                                            2015_germany_2-v2.jpg                                       2015_germany_4-v1.jpg

Thursday 9th July

Up at 9.30 and sat chatting till 11.45 when we had chilli in the club house before leaving at 1pm for the Schlitz factory by coach. Had a tour around the distillery and ended up in a room trying all sorts of flavoured schnapps (a little tipsy)  Left the distillery and stopped at Alsfeld for a coffee and a walk to sober up a little and a coffee. We returned to the field about 7pm to eat scrambled eggs, bread, tomatoes and some apple juice. Sat outside till about 11pm as the men did some night flying. Bed at 11.20pm

" I really like your hat Dale".                                   "Well I think you look really cool too Martin".

Friday 10th July

We left the field at 9am to go to the car park to catch a train into Frankfurt. We all had a walk along the river. We then split into 2 groups. The men went to find the beer and the girls went shopping with Pascal. We had a drink at the top of the Astor lounge that looked over Frankfurt. We met up with the others at the train station at 5.30pm. After getting off the train at Marburg we were taken by car to a Greek restaurant by the river for dinner. Arrived back at the field at midnight and very tired.


Saturday 11th July

We all spent the day at the field. Dale crashed his jet. John Hartley ended up in the brook. It was an eventful day.

       The Support Team looking after Nick

We left for the Marburg festival at 7pm. We all walked up to the castle Marburg Old Town which was around 200 steps. We ate pizza and drank some beer, listening to some very loud music. Lots of people.

                                                        2015_germany_90.jpg                                2015_germany_88.jpg


Sunday 12th July

Spent another day at the field, flying, drinking, Annie had made a cake celebrating 40 years of the flying club.

                                                               2015_germany_97.jpg                                                                             2015_germany_94.jpg                                                                 2015_germany_96.jpg

We had a BBQ in the evening with some music. 7 bottles of schnapps/wine, 151 and a few drunk people. They put on an air display. Went to bed at 11.45pm.

Monday 13th July

We went off for a little sightseeing in Marburg Old Town. Had lunch at a nice little restaurant where we all chipped in to pay for Klaus and Reinhart meals. We arrived back at the flying to coffee and cake in the rain.

All ladies were given a bottle of wine by Annie and Albert. Had a last night get together, said our farewells with a drink of schnapps or two and some food.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       2015_germany_115.jpg      2015_germany_114.jpg       2015_germany_98-v1.jpg   


         Plaques to commemorate the Jews that were sent to Auschwitz from the town

Tuesday 14th  July

Club members left early hours of the morning to catch the ferries