Slope soaring - Great Orme 2018

For a number of years now we have had two NMAC outings each year (in May and September) to the Great Orme, which is situated next to Llandudno. We soar from one of the appropriate slopes that surround the Orme promontory and face out over the sea in many directions.

Thanks go to Peter Butler who once again organised a great deal with the Marlborough hotel - £50 per night for the room including a three-course breakfast and five-course evening meal.

Our latest trip was found us arriving on the 21st September, with fewer member numbers than usual because of the visit by Marburg club. Some off us went straight to the Orme for a great afternoon’s flying. I think that I was the first to arrive, followed by Peter and Adam Butler, then Bob the fireman, who had detoured via all of the model shops in Northern England on his way there! Then David Holland arrived – a virgin slope soarer- who was soon flying with gusto. Back at the hotel, for afternoon tea, we found Roy Hamilton, his wife and Marcus Smith already ensconced.

We were pleased that although the winds were light in town there was enough wind and lift up on the slope. A big bonus for me is that the slope is right next to the car park (so no long uphill hikes). There is also a decent café up there. Being one of the premier slope soaring sites in the UK, you will find that it’s regularly featured in the model magazines. 

When the wind is blowing in suitable directions (and speed) the lift is amazing and its quite possible to fly all sorts of overweight aircraft. The landing area is large and easy, because the downdraft is much further back than may be expected. All in all it’s a very impressive site.The downside is that it is rocky so you need to plan your landings to avoid the boulders.

We always have a great time, both flying and socially and this visit was no exception. After a very nice evening meal we retire to the bar to check out the quality of the ale.

Flying fun continued for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday whenever the weather was suitable. As far as I know only one model was destroyed (a Zero) that Bob wasn’t surprised at, being heavy and draggy.

Whilst on the slopes we meet up with modellers from local clubs plus a group from Manchester and a contingent of students from a local college. The natives are friendly!

So we had another successful excursion to Llandudno. Peter has the hotel booked for 2019 inMay and September, so make a note in your diary.