Midland Air Museum Visit


NMAC Visit the Midland Air Museum Coventry

On April 7th Club members from NMAC visited the Midland Air Museum, Coventry. A good turnout with nearly 20 members attending, most arrived early and were waiting at the door for the off!

After splitting into 2 groups our tour guides showed us round the many exhibits which also included the rare opportunity if being allowed to sit in the cockpits of some of the exhibits. These included a Vulcan and a Harrier.

During the walk around some of the external aircraft the F4 Phantom which I’m sure when first built had a smooth exterior skin looked like a patchwork quilt where bullet holes had been covered up with riveted patches. Also outside was the cockpit of an Electra which is in the process of restoration but still allowed several members to sit and be treated to some facts and figures from a very enthusiastic tour guide.