Mick H's Hawker Sea Fury


Mick H built this 1.7 scale 66" wingspan Hawker Sea Fury MK 11 starting with a Top Flite Gold edition kit. With a wing area 842 sq" it has a wing loading of 27 to 30oz/sq ft.  At 58" long it weighs in at 10 -12lbs. The wing & fuselage are fully planked and finished with OraCover (Profilm).

Mick is powering the Fury with a Saito 115 Black knight 4 stroke 19cc running on Synthetic oil and Nitro and rpm range of 2000 - 11000 using a 15 x 6 or 15 x 8 prop.

Robart pneumatic retracts will keep the wheels out of the way in flight and all things being equal will keep the fuselage off the ground on landing.