Miles Aerovan

by Mick Prior

Another Tony Nijhuis plan and I have only been working on this one for 4 years! It has had 3 outings this year. On the first it was unpainted (an advantage of electric models). It ran the full length of the main runway at high speed but no amount of elevator would make it unstick and unfortunately took its nose wheel off when it hit one of the fence posts.


Wheel repaired but still unpainted it had a second outing. This time the wind was stronger but after a very long run I think I hit a lucky bump and suddenly it was flying. In the air it seemed fairly stable although I had to put in full up trim and fly it with the stick almost fully back. One big circuit, a reasonable landing and then back to the workshop. These short coupled aircraft need very little elevator movement or they become uncontrollable (7mm each way). This means that if the elevator neutral is not where you expect you run out of trim. My elevator neutral was out by about 5mm….ie most the elevator travel.

On its third outing it had been sprayed; detailed and the elevator centred. Again after a very long run a lucky bump got it air-borne and it flew very well. It definitely looks different from your average model and I love it.

After this successful flight I could not get it airborne again and I noticed it was nose down on its take off run due to compres-sion of the nose wheel oleo. This now has much stiffer springing and I am awaiting wind down the main runway for its next outing when I think everything will be sorted.


AUW 6 ½ lb
Wingspan 59 inches
2x 350 watt 1400 Kv brushless motors
2x 40 amp opto speed controllers
Motive power from a single 3 cell (20c) 4500mah battery
The motors pull 550 watts static and I estimate that flying it in a scale manner should give flight times around the 10 minute mark.