Avro Lancaster

by Mick Prior

This is from the Tony Nijhuis plan.

I have been working on this for 6 years! It flew for the first time in an unfinished condition 3 years ago at Oundle club. It flew at Buscotts lodge for the first time 2 years ago but suffered from undercarriage and speed controller problems. These have now been fixed and it has been finished (still needs some nose art). It had another couple of flights this August.


It flys like a Lancaster should with a long take off run and shallow climb out. Landings are done at about half throttle. It looks good in the air even though it is a bit fast to look truly scale. Unfortunately I need a moderate wind down the long runway to fly it and that has not happened much this year. It has now made about 8 flights.


AUW 7lb 1oz
Wingspan 72 inches
4x 200 watt 1400Kv brushless motors
4x 25 amp speed controllers
2x 3000mah 3cell lipos (20c). The two inners are powered by one battery and the two outers by the other.
The motors pull 720 watts static (estimated 650 unloaded in flight) and cruises between half and two thirds throttle giving a flight time of over 10 minutes.